General Questions

What is Socrative?

Socrative is an instant response tool designed for the K-12 environment.

What class size is possible?

The maximum number of students who can comfortably participate in a single Socrative Free classroom is 50.

The maximum number of students allowed to participate in a public or private Socrative PRO classroom is 150.

Is the 150 student limit a hard limit?

While rostered rooms are limited to 150 students, public rooms in Socrative PRO are not. However, depending on your environment, we can't guarantee an optimal user experience over 150 students.

Can I have 150 students active in each of my rooms?

Yes. You may have 150 active students in each of your rostered rooms.

Can I have multiple rooms?

Socrative Free only allows one classroom per account. If you would like multiple rooms (up to 10), you will need to upgrade to Socrative PRO.

How long can I leave an activity running?

Socrative only allows you to have one activity (per room) running at a time. This activity will remain active until you click Finish or choose to start another activity. We recommend leaving the Socrative app or browser open so you can watch the results roll in. Don't worry about closing your browser or shutting down your computer—the activity will not end. Until the quiz is manually concluded, you can keep it open for as long as you want or need.

What math symbols are available?

Socrative currently allows subscripts and superscripts in the question text and multiple choice answer fields.

Can I delete reports?

Yes, Socrative allows you to delete unnecessary reports as needed. Please note that you can only delete the reports created by you.

Can I add audio or videos clips to a quiz?

At this time, we do not support uploading audio tracks or video files in quizzes. However, we are always looking at ways to improve Socrative and the ability to add sounds and video clips is currently under consideration.

Will my content still be translated if I upgrade to Socrative PRO?

Absolutely! All your existing content will remain translated.

If I upgrade to Socrative PRO, will I lose content from my Free account?

Nope! All of your existing quizzes and reports will still be available in Socrative PRO.

Payment & Billing Questions

How much does Socrative cost?
Check out this link to see all pricing options and a comparison between the Basic and Pro features! 

What is the exchange rate for my currency?

The exchange rate for foreign currencies varies daily and is determined at time of purchase.

I’m a university teacher, can I go PRO for $29.99?

Unfortunately, no. However, bulk discounts are available!

Will I be automatically billed a recurring fee at the end of the year?

Nope! Socrative PRO has no recurring fees; you'll be PRO for a year!

I purchased PRO on the wrong Socrative account, can I transfer it?

Yes! Alternatively, we can also merge your accounts into one.

Do you issue Purchase Orders for Socrative PRO?

Only for large purchases (typically 10 or more).

Can I get a receipt?

We automatically email you a receipt after purchase. If you haven't received one, please check your Spam or Junk folders to ensure the message wasn't filtered.

For other issues not covered in the categories above—please email our billing department.

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