Starting in the summer of 2017, all Socrative PRO accounts will be associated with a license.

When purchasing or renewing a Socrative license, please note the following details:

Each license has an expiration date. 

  • The default expiration date is 1 year from date of purchase. 
  • Licenses may be purchased or renewed for more than 1 year

Each license has a maximum amount of seats possible. 

  • Students do not need a seat and are always free
  • The seat count is the total number of teacher accounts possible for the license
  • The default maximum is 1 seat
  • Users may purchase or renew a license with more than 1 seat
  • Each teacher using a seat will receive their own PRO account (up to the maximum amount of seats purchased)
  • By default, 1 seat of the license is applied to the purchaser’s Socrative account
  • The license purchaser may opt to not use 1 seat for their own account. They will still receive a free account.

Socrative PRO licenses each have a unique key (25 characters)

  • Example: 27421-2560C-B03G8-415B6-48C72
  • This key will be displayed on the receipt and may be provided to others who can activate the license (using a seat) and receive a PRO account.

License purchase and license renewal must be performed in a browser. The Teacher App does not support either feature.

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