To purchase a single Socrative license, bulk licenses, or to activate a License Key, please follow the steps below.

  1. For new users...Navigate to Teacher Login (using a browser, not the Teacher App). The url is: “Create account”. At registration step 3, select “Socrative PRO”. Proceed to Step 3 “Enter License Details” (below)
  2. For existing users with a free account...Login to Socrative (using a browser, not the Teacher App). Open header menu. Select “Profile”. Click “Account” Tab
  3. Enter License details. Click here if you have a License Key (provided by a license purchaser). Click here if you are purchasing a Single User Socrative PRO license. Click here if you are purchasing 25 or more seats for the license
  4. Enter Credit Card Details
  5. Click “Purchase”. Congratulations, PRO purchase is complete! Receipt details will be displayed. A receipt will be emailed to the address on record for the purchasing account. Receipts will contain license details, including the license key. If purchasing more than 1 seat for the license...Sharing the license key with individuals will allow them to activate their PRO account (using a seat from the license). When a user activates a PRO account with a license key. Individuals without Socrative accounts will receive a new PRO account. Individuals with Free accounts will be upgraded to PRO. Individuals renewing a PRO account will be added to the license. The new license will overwrite the old license. If the license was purchased at Registration…Click “My Account” to automatically log in the PRO account now.
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