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Managing Your Reports

Archive reports to keep your list clean and organized- Unarchive them if you need!

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Keep your reports organized by archiving what you may not need and restoring them when you do! It is important to note that in Free Socrative accounts, reports are stored for 30 days following the completion of the quiz. In order to access reports older than 30 days, you can upgrade your account at anytime. To do so, you can either upgrade within your account or check out our plans here for more information!

Archive & Unarchive Reports

How to Archive

You can archive reports to hide them from your list.

To archive a report, go to your Reports tab:

Check the box to the left of the report(s) you would like to archive. Click Archive once you've made your selection(s).

Your report will now only appear under the Archived header in the filter by drop-down list:

How to Unarchive

You can unarchive reports if you need them again.

To do this, go to the Reports tab:

In the drop-down filter by list, select Archived. Next, select the report(s) that you want to unarchive and then click the Unarchive icon:

Your report will be restored in the Active section in the filter by menu and in the room it was originally from.

Deleting & Restoring Reports

Reports can be deleted if you no longer need them. When deleting, they'll go into the Trash and will remain there for 30 days. They can be recovered within 30 days. After 30 days, reports will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

How to Delete

To delete a report, go to the Reports tab. Check the box to the left of the report(s) you would like to delete. Click Delete once you've made your selection(s).

These deleted reports will now go into Trash in the filter by menu:

How to Restore

To restore a report, use the Filter by drop-down menu and go to Trash. Reports can be restored individually by using the Restore button, or in bulk by checking the box on the left of each report and clicking Restore.

The number of days left a report will remain available is shown just below the quiz name.

Reports can also be manually deleted forever by using the 'Delete Forever' button. Please keep in mind, deleting is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

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