Deliver True/False Quick Questions

Use quick questions to run a quick survey in class

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Quick Questions in Socrative can be used as a quick way to assess or run a poll in your class. The questions are given verbally by the teacher or written down the question on the board for students, who can then give their answers in Socrative.

To start a true/false, quick question, go to Launch and click on True/False at the bottom section of the app:

Keep in mind there isn't a way to type the question in Socrative for true/false quick questions, so the question would need to be given to students outside of Socrative.

Once the quick question is started, students connected to your room can choose between true and false:

Meanwhile, in your Results tab, you will see how many students selected true or false.

Click Finish anytime when you're ready to close the activity.

Because True/False, Quick Questions are meant for a quick assessment, reports are not generated for them. If you need reports, we suggest Creating a Quiz.

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