Once you've created a new room, you can make it private by importing a class roster from either an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or comma-separated value (.csv) file.

Click on the Rooms header.

  • Find the room for which you'd like to import a roster and click the Roster icon
  • Select Import from the drop-down menu.

A new window will appear to import your class list:

You can choose how to sort the column order, the file type, and to include the column headers. Click Download Template when ready. 

Format the template and add in the student information. Once done, click Choose File to open your file explorer and the file to import. A progress indicator will show to let you know how the import is going!

The import will fail if:

  • Student ID is missing or is longer than 32 characters
  • First/last name is missing or longer than 64 characters

The error message will also show which rows will need to be fixed. You can click Change to adjust the settings for the template or Choose File to try again. 

Activity Running

Whether you're trying to add or edit a roster, if you have an activity running in the room, you won't be able to add/edit a roster. You'll see the error message below:

To finish an activity, go to the Results tab in your account and click the Finish button. Check out this guide to help you on how to end an activity

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