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Import a file to create a large roster quickly

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Adding a Roster to your room will ensure that only specific students can take your quiz. Students will enter the Room Name, then will need to enter their unique student ID number to join the room and take the quiz.

You can either import your roster or Add a Roster Manually.

Here we cover importing a roster, which you can do with an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or a comma-separated value (.csv) file.

*It is important to note that importing a roster is only supported on the web version of Socrative, which can be accessed at https://www.socrative.com/ *

First, click on the Rooms header. Next, find the room to which you'd like to import a roster, click the Roster icon, and select Import from the drop-down menu.

A new window will appear to import your class list:

The best place to start is with the roster template. You can choose if you would like a CSV or Excel version of the template, then click Download Template. The template will download to your computer, and you can then open it and add in the student's information.

Once you have all the information entered, save the file. Then back in Socrative, click Choose File and select this file to import.

Troubleshooting Roster Imports

Keep in mind:

  • A Student ID is required for each student. Student IDs can be up to 32 characters

  • First and Last Name are required for each student and can be up to 64 characters

  • Importing a roster will work for up to a maximum of 50 students or 200 students depending on your Socrative plan

If you are missing information, or the file is unable to import for some reason, an error message will pop up with the row number that needs to be adjusted.

The error message will also show which rows will need to be fixed. You can click Change to adjust the settings for the template or Choose File to upload the file again after you've saved new changes.

Activity Running Message

Whether you're trying to add or edit a roster, if you have an activity running in the room you won't be able to add/edit a roster. You'll see the error message below:

To finish an activity, go to the Results tab in your account and click the Finish button. Check out this guide to help you on how to end an activity

Now that you've set up the roster, you can start an activity and students can join. Learn how students log in to a rostered room.

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