Activating a PRO License Key

Apply a license key to your account to get Pro

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This article goes over how to activate a Socrative Pro license key. If you currently have the free version of Socrative, this will upgrade your account to Pro. If you already have Pro, you can use the key to extend your current subscription.

Note that if you’ve purchased an individual Socrative Pro license for yourself on or after July 21, 2023, a Pro license key does not need to be activated after your purchase. The account you purchase Socrative with will be automatically upgraded. This cannot be transferred.

To activate a license key, log in to Socrative through the Socrative Website or app, click on your initial in the top right corner, and go to Profile.

In the Account header, you can view your account details. To activate your license key:

  1. Click Account

  2. Click Enter License Key

The 'Activate License' menu will appear, allowing you to enter your license key: 

Enter your license key and click Activate. Your account will then be immediately upgraded to Socrative Pro.

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