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Deliver Multiple Choice Quick Questions

Use quick questions to run a survey quickly in class

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Quick Questions allow you to quickly assess or poll students in class. Teachers usually say questions out loud or write them on the board for their class. Students can then answer the questions through Socrative.

With multiple choice questions, there will be up to 5 options for students to choose from, so for your questions you could have up to 5 different answer options.

To start a multiple choice quick question, go to Launch and click on Multiple Choice at the bottom section of the app:

Your Results tab will look like this:

Your live results will show you how many students have selected a certain response.

To get an idea of what students will see, this is what Socrative will look like when students are logged in to complete a multiple-choice quick question:

The question will appear blank - please have them refer to your question you said verbally or put on the board to respond correctly.

Click Finish anytime when you're ready to close the activity. You can also start a new one by quickly selecting from the question choices at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind, reports will not be generated for Multiple Choice, Quick Questions.

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