Question-specific PDF reports provide the full quiz and question data, including:

  • The question with the most correct answers
  • The question with the fewest correct answers
  • The proportion of students who got each question correct
  • The full text responses of each student for short answer question

To generate a question-specific PDF report, go to your Reports tab:

Find the activity/quiz name that you'd like to generate reports for. Look for the Reports button on the top-right corner:

The reports menu will appear:

  • Toggle on Question Specific PDF as an option (green means on, grey means off) - you can also select other report types if you'd like
  • Select how you'd like to receive the report; emailed to you, downloaded to your device, or sent to your Google Drive

Your report will be ready! Please be patient as they're generated depending on the size of your roster and quiz. 

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