When delivering a Short Answer Quick Question, you have the option to complete the activity with a follow-up vote based on the student answers using whatever criteria you choose. For example, you can have your students vote on the response that they feel is the most valuable or the most incorrect. The results of your student votes will appear on your screen in real time. Keep in mind, only whole class excel reports will be available for this type of activity.

While a Short Answer, Quick Question is active, click on Start Vote near the top-left corner to start:

Your students will be presented with the class responses as multiple choice questions:

Student view

Ask your students to select an answer based on whatever criteria you choose (such as the best or most incorrect response). In the example screenshot above, the vote is for students to choose their favourite space movie. Students can select as many choices as they'd like. You'll see the voting results appear on your screen in real time.

When you are done with the voting activity, click Finish. You can start a new Quick Question directly from the Results tab - just click one of the question types in the Another Question section at the bottom of the screen.

As you finish, you will be asked if you would like to Get Reports for the current activity or return To Launch to start a new activity. 

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