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What Student Data Do We Collect And How Do We Use It?
What Student Data Do We Collect And How Do We Use It?
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Student Data We Collect

We do not require students to register for an Account to use Socrative. To log on to Socrative, each student navigates to a Room using the room code, URL or QR code provided by their teacher. When teachers launch an activity within the Room, students may be prompted to enter their name before beginning the activity. This is an optional setting and students can choose to use a nickname or other identifier for their teacher in place of their real name.

If a teacher using Socrative Pro chooses to create a student roster within a Room, Socrative will prompt them to input a name and Student ID number for each student on the roster. Teachers are not required to input the real or complete names of their students for the roster. Student ID numbers will act as passwords for the student to enter the Rostered Room and are not required to be associated with student IDs assigned by their institution. When creating a roster, teachers also have the option to add student email addresses in order to send students a copy of their completed quiz results.

We may collect a student’s name, assessment information, and other information as directed by the student’s teacher or school. We limit the information we collect about students to only that information necessary to provide the Service. We do not use the student’s personal data for our own commercial purposes.

We collect student assessment responses and may archive evidence of learning.

Data we collect from students:

  • First and last name, if provided by the student when prompted in an activity

  • Students’ activities within the service, such as quiz results.

  • Anonymous diagnostic data, which includes, but is not limited to, anonymized IP address, error handling, and anonymized device Information.

Data that could be inferred from the teacher data:

  • First and last name, when provided by a teacher in a rostered room

  • Email, when provided by a teacher in a rostered room

  • Student ID/password, when provided by a teacher in a rostered room

  • School name

  • Location of school

What we use this data for:

  • To provide students access to our Services;

  • To facilitate creation of an Account on our Site or App;

  • To identify students as users in our system;

  • To provide improved administration of our Site, App and Services;

  • To provide students and teachers with information and reports about student performance and use of the Site, App, and Services.

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