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★ Your Socrative Pro Receipt or Invoice
★ Your Socrative Pro Receipt or Invoice
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Thanks for purchasing a license to Socrative Pro!

We're happy to provide you with receipts for proof of purchase, however we are unable to provide you with custom invoice options. 

Upon purchasing your Socrative Pro license, you will be emailed a receipt confirming your payment and upgrade. 

If you need a more detailed receipt, you can get this directly within your Socrative Pro account. Navigate to your profile in the upper right hand corner of your Socrative account. Go to Profile > Account and at the bottom, you can view your receipt. This receipt will provide you with proof of credit card payment, your full name, as well as a description of purchase which you will be able to use to get a refund from your school.

We do not provide custom invoices and are not able to update any information on this invoice.

Additional Information: 

  • This receipt does not include the address of your organization as this receipt is for your individual teacher account. 

  • It will not include a VAT number or any local tax information. 

  • The price is listed in USD.  You may need to refer to your credit card statement for your local currency conversion on purchase.

  • We do not accept PO’s for individual licenses. PO’s will only be accepted for purchases for school subscriptions.

We provide custom invoices for purchases of school subscriptions only. If you would like to upgrade, please fill out our interest form here to be put in touch with our Sales Team.

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