In your demographic settings, you can change your:

  • Language

  • Country

  • Organization Information

To access your demographic settings, click on your name at the top right corner and click Profile

Click on the Demographics header, and here you can change your country, school/organization, and language settings.

After making your changes, click Save

Keep in mind, if you do not see your organization listed, you can simply select "School Not Listed" from the bottom of the list.

Activity Running

If you have an activity running in your account, you won't be able to change the language settings. You'll see the message below:

To finish an activity, go to the Results tab in your account and click the Finish button. Check out this guide to help you on how to end an activity


Socrative currently supports the following languages:

  • English (US)

  • Dansk

  • Deutsche

  • English (UK)

  • Español

  • Español (México)

  • Suomi

  • Français

  • Français (Canadien)

  • 한국어

  • Nederlands

  • Norvégien

  • Português

  • Svenska

  • ไทย

  • Türk

  • 简体中文

  • Polskie

  • Italiana

  • Português (Portugal)

Changing the language for your students

*Please note that the language you select as a teacher, will determine the language

Socrative is in for your students. Choosing a language will translate the Socrative platform, not your existing quizzes. Quizzes will always remain in the language they were created in.

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