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Firewall Settings and Whitelisting Socrative Services
Firewall Settings and Whitelisting Socrative Services

Certain domains and URLs need to be whitelisted for Socrative to run smoothly

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One of the common reasons that Socrative appears to be down or unavailable is that there is website blocking within the classroom or Wi-Fi environment. Socrative is a secure service (https) and requires whitelisting in most Wi-Fi environments that have content restrictions in place.

Firewall Settings

Accessing Socrative's free and professional services requires that you configure your firewall to allow certain domains.

To fully optimize performance, improve latency, and increase usable bandwidth for our services, it may be necessary to implement bandwidth management and traffic shaping software; this way you can prioritize the traffic on your network.


Of the sites needing to be whitelisted, we recommend that has its traffic prioritized for quality of service.

*Needs to be wildcarded to unblock all subdomains.

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