After selecting a quiz to start, you can set a quiz to be delivered in 3 different ways:

  • Instant Feedback—Students receive immediate right/wrong feedback and explanations (if entered) after every question. Students answer questions in order and cannot skip or change their answers. You can monitor their progress from the Live Results table.

  • Open Navigation—Students have the ability to skip questions, edit their answers, and navigate the quiz at their own pace. Once they've finished, they can submit the entire quiz. You can monitor their progress from the Live Results table.

  • Teacher Paced—You control the flow of questions for students. You can also skip and revisit questions.

Once you choose the quiz delivery method, you can fine-tune the quiz settings by setting the quiz settings.

  • Require Names - This requires students to enter their names at the start of a quiz. For Private Rooms, this is always turned on.

  • Shuffle Questions - Each student will get questions in a different order. This is only available on Instant Feedback and Open Navigation.

  • Shuffle Answers - The answers will be shuffled for each student.

  • Show Question Feedback - Students will know if they got a question correct/incorrect right after submitting their response, and will see the question explanation if one was entered. This is only available on Instant Feedback and Teacher Paced.

  • Show Final Score - Once students finish the quiz, Socrative will show them their final score.

  • One Attempt - This is only available in Private Rooms. Students will only be able to attempt the quiz once. If they are in the middle of a quiz and log out and back in, they'll continue where they left off

Once you have the settings set how you'd like, click Start. Your students can then login to take the quiz.

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