After choosing your quiz to start and the delivery method, you can select additional quiz settings to have more control over your quiz:

Depending on the deliver method you've chosen, you can toggle extra settings (blue means on, grey means off):

  • Require Names - keep students accountable and track them easily or turn this off to deliver an anonymous quiz
  • Shuffle Questions - change the order of questions to prevent cheating among students
  • Shuffle Answers - change the order of answers for each question to prevent cheating among students
  • Show Question Feedback - students will know if they got a question correct/incorrect after submitting their response
  • Show Final Score - students will know their final score at the end of the quiz
  • One Attempt - students will only get one attempt; if they log out and log back in, they'll continue where they left off

Click Start and your students will get the quiz automatically. View live results and monitor student progress in the Results tab. 

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