In addition to Socrative, our team also support Showbie for online learning with students. 

Learn more about how to use Showbie for distance learning. 

Our Showbie and Socrative apps provide an eLearning based contingency, ensuring your school can continue to operate despite the lack of a physical classroom.

We’ve created some resources to help your teachers plan accordingly with our platforms. Feel free to check them out below!

  • Check out this article that showcases some tips and tricks on Showbie features that may be specifically useful in a remote learning context. (PDF link
  • Next, we have a short video that shows these features in action. (Video link
  • Feel free to take a look at one of our blog posts from a teacher who utilized Showbie to conduct her teaching from home more effectively. (Web link
  • Additionally, we have a PDF guide here from one of our reseller partners, MDS. They’ve highlighted some important areas to focus on when creating a remote teaching workflow. (PDF link
  • You can also book time with another one of our training partners, Abdul Chohan, via the Tweet here.

Feel free to reach out to our team at or if you need to talk through anymore planning around eLearning and Showbie.

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