Math equations can be inserted in quizzes! Teachers can enter them in all types of question formats, multiple choice answer choices, and explanations. Here's how:

When creating or editing your quiz, go to the question you need and look for the Insert Formula button:

Once opened, you can use your keyboard to start typing in the formula you need and it'll automatically be formatted. Or you can copy the formula from another page and paste it in.

The math editor also supports LaTeX if you're familiar with it. Start with \ and some letters to see some suggestions:

Alternatively, you can click on the keyboard button to open the virtual keyboard and look for specific symbols. If you know the keyboard shortcut, that works too (ex. try using Shift + 6 to start typing in exponents/superscripts).

When you have the formula typed in, click the check mark icon to save it.

Some things to note:

  • We're working on support for languages other than English

  • Math formulas cannot be inserted into short answer options

  • Students are not provided the math editor while taking a quiz

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