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Adding points to your quiz questions

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Weighted questions allows teachers to add different point values to questions in a quiz. Teachers can adjust the weight of a question when editing an existing quiz or creating a new quiz in the Quizzes section.

How to use Weighted Questions

Teachers can adjust the point value of a question using the up and down arrows, or by typing in a value. When you have entered your point value, click the checkmark to save the changes:

When assigning the point value, teachers can enter a value up to two decimal places. For example, 1.25 points:

Questions can also have a value of 0 points. As a result, teachers can add in survey questions, or can include a question to check in with students' understanding without impacting the student's grade.

After you adjust the point value of one question, the point value for all other questions will be visible as well.

Questions will be worth 1 point as a default if the value is not adjusted:

How Students see Weighted Questions

While students are participating in the quiz, they will be able to see the point value beneath each question:

When a student gets a question correct, the full point value of that question will be automatically calculated toward their grade. If you download the Complete Results Excel report after the quiz is completed, the report will display the point value of each question, as well as the total number of points scored by each student.

Teachers often find it useful to add a greater point value to more difficult questions. As a result, you may want to give partial marks for students who get part of a question correct. You can easily assign partial marks to short answer responses with the manual grading feature!

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