The Socrative team has updated the free plan available to new users who sign up after September 7, 2021. What does this mean? New users will have access to some of our premium features that were previously limited to Socrative Pro users. The features now available to new free users are:

  • Math equations

  • Question weights

  • Images in quiz answers and explanations

  • Space Race countdown timer

  • Merge quizzes

  • Sharing quizzes with URL

New users who sign up after September 7, 2021 can have a maximum of 5 quizzes in their My Quiz List. Quizzes can be deleted to make room for more. However, the ability to restore deleted quizzes is a feature that will be available only after upgrading to Pro.

If you signed up for the free version of Socrative prior to September 7, 2021, your plan will not change. Your account will have access to the same features you have always had access to, and you will not see the 5 quiz limit within your account.

Interested in upgrading to Socrative Pro to unlock access to all of our premium features? Check out our plans page here!

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