Once you have created your Shared Workspace, you can invite others to join your workspace to access shared quizzes and collaborate on content together.

To invite colleagues, click the 'Invite' option on the right-hand side of the screen. An invite link will be generated for you to share with invitees. Simply copy the invite link and share with your fellow teachers. Once your colleagues click the invite link, it will allow them to join your Shared Workspace.

Once your colleagues have joined, you will be able to view them within the 'Members' tab in your Shared Workspace. Here, you can manage the access level for each Member of your workspace by selecting the dropdown menu underneath 'Access Level'

There are two levels of access: Owner & Editor. You can also remove any members from the workspace. There can only be one owner of a workspace. If you designate another colleague as the owner, you are transferring your ownership. In doing so, you will become an Editor of the workspace.

If your workspace is set to 'Read Only' the members of your workspace will have view only access. This means that they will only be able to view the quizzes within workspace and not be able to modify or add to any of the content.

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