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Creating & Adding Quizzes to your Shared Library
Creating & Adding Quizzes to your Shared Library

So you've created your Shared Library, what's next? Adding quizzes!

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To add quizzes to your shared library, navigate to the library in question, make sure you're in the 'Library' tab and click 'Add'. In the 'Library' tab you will be able to view quizzes that have been added to your Shared Library and any folders you may have created for an extra level of organization.

Selecting 'Add' from within your library gives you the option to either create a 'New Folder'* or 'Create Quiz.'

To add an existing quiz from your 'Personal' library, you will need to navigate outside of your Shared Library, to your existing quiz and select the "..." on the right-hand side of the quiz. Select 'Copy to' and then select the Shared Library you would like to add the quiz to and select 'Copy'.

Have more than one quiz you'd like to copy to your library? No problem! You can add existing quizzes in bulk using our 'Bulk Copy' feature. From the Library, first, select as many quizzes as you'd like to copy to your library using the page icon beside the quiz name. With your quizzes selected, select the 'Bulk Copy' in the menu. From there, choose your preferred library or folder you into which you would like to copy the quizzes from the pop-up menu. The quizzes will then be copied over in bulk!

If you create a folder in your Shared Library, you will be able to add your quiz directly into a folder. Folders can then be renamed, moved, or deleted by selecting the "..." beside them.

*Note: creating, moving, duplicating, and restoring folders is only available to Pro Subscribers. Upgrade to Socrative Pro here and get access to unlimited quizzes, multiple rooms, and more.

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