Deleting your Shared Workspace

As the creator of a Shared Workspace, you can also permanently delete it. In your Shared Workspace, navigate to 'Settings'. Once there, at the bottom of the menu, you will see the option to delete your workspace. Please note that this is a permanent, irreversible action and will delete the Workspace for everyone it is shared with.

Making your Shared Workspace Read only

You can also choose to make your Shared Workspace 'Read Only'. Enabling this ensures that only you as the creator can edit, delete, or add content to the workspace.

You might want to enable this setting if:

  • You're sharing quizzes created by one person at a high level (for example, you're a department head, sharing all of the school approved content with teachers in the department)

  • You're sharing quizzes through a close knit, private group or community

  • You're sharing quizzes via social media

Enabling this setting would give other members of the workspace view- only access. This means they are only able to view content within the workspace and cannot add, edit, or delete content within. You can enable this by navigating to 'Settings' and toggling on 'Make workspace Read Only"

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