Integrating with Showbie

Use Socrative in your Showbie Classroom!

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Showbie is Socrative's 'teaching and learning' sister platform. With the PRO versions of both platforms, you can launch Socrative quizzes directly in your Showbie classroom without having to switch to Socrative.

Adding a Quiz in Showbie

Teachers can add quizzes to their classes and assignments by using the Shared Items list. For steps on how to add your quiz:

When you tap on the quiz, you'll be able to monitor student progress.

You can view more detailed information about each question by tapping on the question number.

Taking a Quiz in Showbie

Students will see the quiz as a post in their assignments.

Students can tap on the post to start the quiz!

Once done, students can tap the Close button to return to your Showbie Assignment. Then, teachers can tap the Finish button to end the quiz.

Distributing Scores and Reports

Once the quiz has ended, scores and results can be distributed by tapping the "... ":


  • Scores will be displayed directly in the Shared Items list.

  • Results and Reports are provided by Socrative by tapping on each button.

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