Are you looking for curated, ready-made quizzes? Discover [Beta] can help! Find quizzes to add to your Socrative account and launch right in your class!

To access Discover [BETA], click the 'Discover' Tab:

Once there, you will be able to search by a variety of subjects to find ready-made quizzes. These quizzes can be copied and imported directly into your Socrative account!

Use the magnifying glass to easily search for quizzes by title, subject, content, etc. Then, filter results by subject, grade level, keywords, and more, using the side menu:

Once you've found a quiz you'd like to add to your Socrative account, click it, and you will be brought to the quizzes page. Here you'll see details about the quiz, a preview, and the option to copy it directly into your account. Just click ''copy quiz to my Socrative account'' and it will be copied to your library and ready to launch!

Note: 'Discover' is in public BETA, its in-app version is only available to USA and Canadian users. To copy a quiz into your library, you must be accessing Socrative via web browser.

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