Choosing the Right Socrative Plan

Upgrading or Downgrading your Socrative Account

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If you wish to upgrade your subscription from the free version of Socrative to one of our Paid Plans, you will gain access to selected Pro features!

The features included in these plans can always be viewed from within your account beside your profile on the 'Choose Your Plan' page. This is accessible by selecting the 'Get Pro' option if you're new to upgrading or the 'View Plans' option if you want to upgrade or modify your existing Pro account.

Which plan should I choose?

Socrative is designed to help educators effortlessly assess and engage their students while visualizing learning progress in real time, and the paid plans help educators get even more.

The Starter Plan focuses on helping educators save time and more efficiently close feedback loops with timely and transparent communication of learning progress.

The Pro Plan is designed for educators who want to scale assessment for impact with collaborative team features that simplify quizzing for large classes. Group Purchases are only available to this plan since it focuses on collaborative team features.

Take a look at this page to review benefits and prices.

What happens when I downgrade my account?

You can adjust your access and downgrade from one of our paid plans to the free version of Socrative. We've compiled some of the most commonly asked questions regarding downgrading below.


What happens to all of my quizzes when downgrading from a Paid Socrative plan to the Free version of Socrative? The free version of Socrative allows access to only the last 5 modified quizzes in your library. As such, when you downgrade, the quizzes in your library may exceed plan limits. Only quizzes within the will be editable or able to be launched with students. You can upgrade anytime to access these additional quizzes or create new ones in your library.


Does my access to Reports change when downgrading from a Pro Socrative plan to the Free version of Socrative?

Yes. The free version of Socrative allows you to access report history from the last 30 days. If you need access to reports beyond 30 days, you can re-upgrade to a Pro plan anytime.


What happens to my rooms when downgrading from a Paid Socrative plan to the Free version of Socrative?

The free version of Socrative allows you to have one room. You can regain room access anytime by upgrading at anytime.

When downgrading to a plan offering more than one room, you'll have continued access to the default room plus the most recently created rooms (up to the room limit).


Can I still access the Showbie integration when downgrading from Socrative Pro?

The Showbie integration is only offered via the Socrative Pro Plan. You can re- upgrade to Pro anytime to use the Showbie integration. In some cases, you may still see the connection icon, and you can manually disconnect your Socrative room or account from Showbie.

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