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Data Handling FAQ for Socrative AI
Data Handling FAQ for Socrative AI

Everything you need to know about the data privacy and security practices for Socrative's AI features

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We're excited to begin including generative AI features in Socrative! Given the power and rapid development of this technology, we understand that you may have questions regarding how your data is handled when interacting with AI tools. Explore our resources below to learn how we keep your data safe while embracing these innovative features!

How safe is using AI in Socrative?

Our AI sub-processor, OpenAI, is held to the same high data privacy and security standards as all other sub-processors. They are GDPR compliant and are certified with leading industry privacy and security standards including ISO27001, SOC 2, and SOC 3. Find OpenAI’s Privacy Policy here, and their Security Portal here for more information.

Will students have access to AI in Socrative?

No, only teachers will be able to access the AI Question Generator. The extent to which students will experience our AI feature is that AI-generated content will be visible to students following review and approval by their teacher.

Will any student data be shared to our sub-processor, OpenAI?

No, there will be no student data shared with OpenAI by our AI Question Generator. The quiz content generated by our AI feature will also require review and approval by the teacher before becoming visible to student users, with options to edit or discard the AI-generated content. As with all of our sub-processors, only the limited, necessary data required to provide the feature will be collected and shared to OpenAI.

Note that we may store limited, anonymized student results data as part of our internal metrics to measure use and effectiveness of the AI feature.

Do I have to use the AI feature in Socrative?

No, there will be no limitations in your use of Socrative if you choose not to use the AI Question Generator.

How do I know that quiz content generated by AI is accurate and factual?

Accuracy is a current known limitation of generative AI which is why all of our AI-generated content requires review and approval by a teacher before being implemented. It will be up to the teacher to determine whether the content provided is accurate and meets their needs for a given activity. To improve results, we encourage including the subject and student grade/age range to help provide contextually appropriate results.

Are there limits to what I can use as a prompt or ask the AI feature to do?

While there are no technical limitations in place, you are discouraged from including personal data (such as names, email addresses, birthdays, etc.) in the content of your prompts, as well as abusive or derogatory language or profanities. OpenAI will monitor prompt inputs for abusive language for up to 30 days after the prompts are received.

What happens to the data included in my prompts?

Data input into our AI features as prompts will be stored by OpenAI for a maximum of 30 days before being fully deleted. Data provided to OpenAI by Socrative in the form of a prompt is not used for further training of the OpenAI model. See more information from OpenAI here.

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