Purchase for Multiple Users

To purchase multiple PRO accounts, please sign into your Socrative account, select "Profile", and click "Account" tab. Alternatively, you can create a new account and input your license information during registration step 3.

  • Select amount of seats to purchase
    • 1 for yourself
    • More if purchasing a license for use by multiple teachers
    • NOTE: Seats equates to amount of teacher accounts for the license. Each teacher using a license seat will receive their own PRO account. Students are always free and do not require additional seats for the license.
  • Select amount of years for the license
  • If you have a coupon code…
    • Enter coupon code in appropriate field
    • Click Apply
  • If you are purchasing a bulk license, but do not intend to upgrade your Free account to PRO as part of the purchase…
    • Remove the checkmark from “Apply one seat to my account”
  • If you do not want your account to auto renew when the license expires…
    • Remove the checkmark from “Auto Renew”
  • Click “Review and Pay”Order_Summary.png
  • Review the license details
    • If license details are incorrect…
      • Click “Previous” or “Change” and edit license details
  • If purchasing 25 or more seats for the license…
    • You may request information about payment options other than a credit card by clicking “Other Payment Options”
      • Click “Yes” in popup (New page/tab will open)
      • Review license details
      • Click “Submit”
  • Enter Credit Card Details
  • Click “Purchase”
    • Congratulations, PRO purchase is complete!
    • Receipt details will be displayed
    • A receipt will be emailed to the address on record for the purchasing account
    • Receipts will contain license details, including the license key.
    • If purchasing more than 1 seat for the license...
      • Sharing the license key with individuals will allow them to activate their PRO account (using a seat from the license).
      • When a user activates a PRO account with a license key
        • Individuals without Socrative accounts will receive a new PRO account
        • Individuals with Free accounts will be upgraded to PRO
        • Individuals renewing a PRO account will be added to the license. The new license will overwrite the old license.
    • If the license was purchased at Registration…
      • Click “My Account” to automatically log in the PRO account now.