Release Notes



Fri, Mar 23

  • Improvements
    • Services: Improved cache handling
    • Translations: German - Exit ticket text updates

Fri, Mar 16

  • Bug fixes
    • Quick Question: Short Answer replies were not visible if replies were hidden in previous activity
    • Teacher Service: Duplicate key errors
    • Teacher Service: Database connection pool error
    • Rooms: Room Name clickable area too big
  • Improvements
    • WA State tax text disclaimer added to purchase views and receipts
    • Various API migrations



Wed, Feb 14

  • Bug fixes
    • Profile: Receipt delivery buttons not displayed under certain circumstances


Tuesday, Jan 30

  • Bug fixes
    • Profile: Organization name was not displayed when organization type was "Other"
    • Banner: Notification banner displayed when no banner was active
    • Translation: Finnish "Student Join Room" button text corrected
  • Improvements
    • Profile: Auto-renew toggle is now always available in Profile > Account
    • Banner: Display logic updated to reflect auto-renew always available

Thursday, Jan 25

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: PDF reports would fail to generate in certain cases
    • Rosters: Delete student returned an log error under certain rare circumstances
  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Further enhancement to database usage
    • Architecture: Refactor and migrate APIs related to teacher profile actions

Friday, Jan 19

  • Bug fixes
    • Student Name: Using the Enter key for student name entry could result in an error

Thursday, Jan 18

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Database optimization to improve report creation and delivery and overall reduction of database workload

Friday, Jan 12

  • Bug fixes
    • Support: Query functionality issue fixed
    • Reports: Student reports in Google drive were sometimes converted to docx type

Thursday, Jan 11

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Various updates
    • Reports: Add FIFO report email delivery 

Wednesday, Jan 10

  • Bug fixes
    • Login: Google SSO did not always work properly
    • Roster: Error text not always displayed properly when import failed
    • Edit Quiz: Various text characters not displayed properly under certain circumstances
    • Profile: Could not access profile if profile was missing certain fields
    • Footer: Text alignment not correct for Free accounts
  • Improvements
    • Translations: Dutch (Netherlands) updated for Exit Ticket
    • Architecture: Development environment service update
    • Architecture: Third party service updated to latest version

Saturday, Jan 6

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Upgrade database



Thursday, Dec 14

  • Bug fixes
    • Quiz list: Copy quiz button not functional on small view ports
    • Quiz list: Fixed error handling for Move to Folder modal
    • Quiz list: Fixed error handling for Import Quiz
    • Download: Files and reports not downloading under certain circumstances
    • Roster: Manage roster button only responds on first click
    • Header: Room menu not accurate under certain circumstances
    • Results: Live Results cell not updated if student submitted a very long answer
    • Reports: Identical student names with different case caused error in report delivery
    • Folders: Folders visible after account status change from PRO to Free

Monday, Dec 11

  • Bug fixes
    • Student: Network requests carried visible answers and explanations visible to students under certain circumstances
    • Registration: Input fields not accepting input for Internet Explorer
    • Terms of Service: Links updated
    • Quiz List: Quiz name was not immediately updated after being edited
  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Various codebase updates and refactoring

Wednesday, Dec 6

  • Improvements
    • Reports: Optimized the report generation and delivery services



Tuesday, Nov 7

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Fixed an issue where PDF reports were not delivered under certain circumstances
  • Improvements
    • Reports: Room Name added to PDF reports

Friday, Nov 3

  • Improvements
    • Reports: Added a priority queue for PRO account report and email requests


Tuesday, Oct 24

  • Bug fixes
    • Student Modal: Final Results and Immediate Feedback popups did not close under certain circumstances
    • Reports: Clearing search field did not update view under certain circumstances
    • Launch Quiz: Require Names setting could be toggled on before delivery method selected
  • Improvements
    • Translation: Swedish updated

Monday, Oct 23

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Migrated Google Login API
    • Improved handling of Google Single Sign On UX, permissions, and tokens

Friday, Oct 20

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Removed 3rd party service

Tuesday, Oct 17

  • Bug fixes
    • Space Race: It is possible for students to switch teams in rare circumstances
  •  Improvements
    • Architecture: Updated images on Home site

Monday, Oct 16

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Migrate API in support of future improvement development

Wednesday, Oct 11

  • Improvements
    • Notifications: Banner notification will now be updated if the account changes status

Friday, Oct 6

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Service migration

Thursday, Oct 5

  • Improvements
    • Purchase: New email for bulk license purchasers

Wednesday, Oct 4

  • Bug fixes
    • Folders: Quiz is sometimes moved to root folder after edit

Tuesday, Oct 3

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Changed provider for 3rd-party service

Monday, Oct 2

  • Improvements
    • Buttons: Hover states app wide
    • Buttons: Consistency between Reports and Quizzes views
    • Modal: Content update
  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Search field stopped accepting input under certain conditions



Friday, Sept 29

  • Bug fixes
    • Profile: Last character dropped from email field under certain conditions

Thursday, Sept 28

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Changed provider for 3rd-party service
  • New functionality
    • Support Tools: Added new reporting functions

Thursday, Sept 21

  • Improvements
    • Folders: Empty folder state page content
    • Codebase: Version update

Monday, Sept 18

  • Improvements
    • Rooms list: Use modal for renaming room instead of inline function
    • Folders: Empty folder state page content

Friday, Sept 15

  • Bug fixes
    • Folders: Not sorting by date after folder rename

Thursday, Sept 14

  • Improvements
    • Folders: Remove unnecessary action button columns in Trash
    • Folders: Update folder tree navigation to track current location in main view
  • Bug fixes
    • Folders: Cannot move items to root folder after search

Wednesday, Sept 13

    • Quiz list now in Quizzes folder
    • Trash for deleted quizzes
    • Create, rename, delete, restore, delete forever
    • Move folders and quizzes
    • Navigate via folder tree, breadcrumbs, or folder click to open
    • Launch quizzes using folder structure



Tuesday, Aug 29

  • Bug fixes
    • Quiz list: Copy quiz does not work under certain conditions
    • PRO purchase: Coupon input should trim spaces
    • Support Tools: Cache not cleared under certain circumstances

Thursday, Aug 24

  • Bug fixes
    • Quick Question: Short Answer voting does not work under certain circumstances
    • Support Tools: Specific calculation not correct under certain circumstances

Wednesday, Aug 23

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: API update in support of new feature development

Tuesday, Aug 22

  • Bug fixes
    • Rosters: Upload failed under certain circumstances

Monday, Aug 21

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: API update in support of new feature development

Wednesday, Aug 16

  • Bug fixes
    • Logout: Teacher not logged out correctly under certain circumstances
    • Quizzes: Removed unnecessary client request
    • Quizzes: Import by Excel failure returning incorrect error code
    • Student: Unable to login under certain rare circumstances

Tuesday, Aug 15

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: API update in support of new feature development
    • Architecture: Infrastructure update in support of new feature development
    • Architecture: Services updates in support of new feature development

Monday, Aug 14

  • Bug fixes
    • Quick Question: Names setting not working under certain circumstances
  • Improvements
    • Architecture: API update in support of new feature development

Thursday, Aug 10

  • Bug fixes
    • Launch Quiz: Modal styling incorrect on Firefox browser

Wednesday, Aug 9

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Infrastructure update

Monday, Aug 7

  • New Feature: ONE ATTEMPT
    • PRO accounts, rooms with rosters only
    • Students limited to one attempt per quiz
    • Students may continue the quiz across multiple sessions before quiz completion
    • Result views will only display a single row per student

Friday, Aug 4

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: API update in support of new feature development

Thursday, Aug 3

  • Improvements
    • Home site: Content update

Wednesday, Aug 2

  • Improvements
    • Renewals: Extend early renewal window to 120 days



Monday, Jul 31

  • Improvements
    • Purchase: Coupon validation triggers

Friday, Jul 28

  • Bug fixes
    • Roster: Roster does not expand correctly after import
  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: Deleted account handling
    • Architecture: Database access efficiency
    • Logging: 404 error tracking

Thursday, Jul 27

  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: New license handling
    • Architecture: Database access efficiency

Tuesday, Jul 25

  • Bug fixes
    • UX: Issue on error notification in Profile
    • Status Change: Default room issue after account status change

Thursday, Jul 20

  • Bug fixes
    • Renewal: Date displayed incorrectly under certain circumstances
    • Renewal: Banner displayed incorrectly under certain circumstances
  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Changed provider for 3rd-party service
    • Architecture: Database efficiency

Tuesday, Jul 18

  • Bug fixes
    • Renewal: Notification still visible under certain circumstances

Friday, Jul 14

  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: Add banner control function

Thursday, Jul 13

  • Improvements
    • UX: Change date format

Wednesday, Jul 12

  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: Display additional account data
    • Architecture: Development environment code base update
    • Architecture: Service migration

Tuesday, Jul 11

  • Improvements
    • UX: Hover state for renewal notification close icon

Monday, Jul 10

  • Bug fixes
    • Banner: Status not set correctly during certain circumstances

Saturday, Jul 8

    • PRO accounts associated with a license
    • Multiple seats (teacher accounts) per license
    • Multiple year license terms
    • Coupons
    • Renewal notifications
    • Improved Purchase and Renewal UX
    • Receipts and PRO emails
    • Home site content updates
    • Support Tools



Thursday, Jun 8

  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: Added functionality to support licenses

Wednesday, Jun 7

  • Bug fixes
    • Launch Activity: Require Names setting should be ON for rooms with rosters

Tuesday, Jun 6

  • Bug fixes
    • Password Reset: Reset request expiration was not always applied correctly
  • Improvements
    • Interface: Short Answer color value adjusted app wide

Friday, Jun 2

  • Improvements:
    • Login with Google: Remove button for mobile devices/apps
      • Google changed how Single Sign On works in web views



Wednesday, May 24

  • Bug fixes
    • Support Tools: Merge accounts failed under certain circumstances

Tuesday, May 23

  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: Add controls for Banner notification

Wednesday, May 17

  • Improvements
    • Reset Password: Update interface styles

Monday, May 15

  • Bug fixes
    • Student Presence: Not updated correctly under certain circumstances
    • Results view: Student name not displayed correctly under certain circumstances
    • Rooms view: Edit room name causes issue with service messaging under certain circumstances
  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Service migration



Tuesday, Apr 25

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Very long text in question body not displayed correctly
    • Results view: Column total calculations not displayed in class row
    • Purchase: Credit Card expiration date input can not be selected

Monday, Apr 24

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Short Answer responses are not correctly displayed in Excel report

Thursday, Apr 20

    • Results view indicates presence of students for rooms with rosters
    • Excel report indicates presence of students for rooms with rosters
  • New Feature: RECEIPTS
    • Profile contains interface for retrieving receipts after PRO purchase
    • Email or download receipts
  • Bug fixes
    • Rooms view: Room name change fails under certain circumstances



Monday, Mar 20

  • Bug fixes
    • iOS App: Crash when uploading image from Photo Library
  • Improvements
    • Help Center: Update link to access Help Center



Tuesday, Feb 28

  • Improvements
    • Various functionality in preparation for new feature

Wednesday, Feb 22

  • Improvements
    • Backup email: Remove interfaces and logic

Tuesday, Feb 14

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Large report queues created under certain circumstances

Monday, Feb 13

  • Bug fixes
    • Rosters: Upload not working under certain circumstances
    • Rosters: Error handling for failed upload
    • Rooms view: Activity indicator not accurate under certain circumstances
    • Dev tools: Deployment tool not correctly handling instances

Wednesday, Feb 8

  • New Feature: MERGE QUIZZES
    • PRO accounts may merge 2 quizzes at a time
    • Select the quizzes, then select the order they will appear in the new quiz
  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Class PDF generator confilct

Tuesday, Feb 7

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: Short Answer questions with images caused issues with PDF reports when the question contained an image
    • UX: Select Menus causing issues with default keyboard events under certain circumstances
  • Improvements
    • UX: Select Menu navigation functionality with keyboard

Monday, Feb 6

  • Bug fixes
    • Reports: PDF reports have issue when question takes more than a full page



Tuesday, Jan 31

    • Rosters may be imported with data in different orders
      • First Name, Last Name, Student ID
      • Last Name, First Name, Student ID
  • Bug fixes
    • Quiz: Certain characters not displayed correctly in Short Answer questions
    • Reports: Questions should not cross multiple pages on PDF

Thursday, Jan 19

  • Bug fixes
    • Import Quiz: Errors not displayed correctly when excel file can not be imported

Wednesday, Jan 18

  • Bug fixes
    • Mobile: Download PDF and .zip file functionality disabled on iOS devices due to conflicts from OS
      • Functionality provided on Android devices

Tuesday, Jan 17

  • Improvements
    • Emails: Updated url for "Learn More" links

Friday, Jan 13

  • Improvements
    • Support Tools: Added various new functionality

Thursday, Jan 12

  • Improvements
    • Architecture: Various code base structure updates