Search for Shared Quizzes Using Filter Views

The Socrative Shared Quiz List is a community-generated list of shared quizzes for everyone to enjoy. To access it, follow this link: Socrative Shared Quiz List

If you would like to add to our growing community, follow this link to fill out the Quiz Sharing Form.


How to Search for Quizzes (using Filter Views) in the Shared Quizzes List

  1. Click on the Filter Views menu near the top-left of the Shared Quizzes sheet toolbar.
  2. From the corresponding drop-down menu, select the Filter View that meets your need.
  3. When you find a quiz for which you are interested, copy the SOC Number and use it to import the quiz into your room. To learn how to use a SOC Number to import a quiz, please see our help article on importing quizzes.
  4. To exit Filter Views, click the “X” in the top-right corner of the Filter Views toolbar or choose another option from the Filter Views menu.