There are two different ways you can share your quiz with another teacher so they can use it in their account

  • With the Quiz SOC-code

  • With the Quiz URL

Share a Quiz with the SOC-code

You can share your quiz's unique SOC-code with other teachers, so they can import your quiz into their account.

To find your SOC-code, go to Quizzes in your account:

Find the quiz, and click on the quiz name.

Then, near the top-right corner, toggle on Enable Sharing. The SOC-code for this quiz will show up. You can then share this code with other teachers.

If you no longer want a quiz to be shareable, you can toggle Enable Sharing off.

Share a Quiz with the URL

The second way to share a quiz is with the quiz URL. Keep in mind this is a Pro Feature.

To get the URL, first, click on Quizzes.

Then click More to the right of the quiz you'd like to share, click on Share (if your browser window is larger, you will see Share right beside the quiz name):

Copy the quiz URL and you can then share it with your colleagues.

To add the quiz to their account, all your colleague needs to do is log in to Socrative, then go to the URL you gave them. They will automatically get a copy of the quiz added to their quizzes list.

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