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Import a quiz from another teacher, from an excel sheet, or with help from AI!

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There are three different ways to import a quiz into Socrative. Use the guide below to find out information on each of these methods:

Copy-Paste Questions (BETA)

Copy-Paste Questions is currently in BETA, available to Socrative teachers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and New Zealand.

Copy-Paste Questions allows you to copy text from pre-existing quiz resources, such as a PDF document or other outside apps, and convert it into a fully formatted Socrative quiz, ready to share with colleagues and students!

To Import from Text:

  • Copy the text selection

  • Paste it into the AI prompt field

  • Click 'Import'

  • 🤩 Voila! Your quiz is ready, including questions, options & answers

💡 Tip: SocrativeAI* should be able to designate the correct answers, but it's always good practice to double-check against your answer key!

Import via SOC Code

If another teacher/colleague shares their quiz's SOC code with you, you can easily import the quiz using this code. To enter the SOC code:

  • Navigate to Quizzes > Add Quiz > Import Quiz

  • Enter the SOC code of the quiz

  • Click 'Import Quiz'

If you're not sure what the SOC-code is from your colleague, check out this guide to learn more. Once imported, the quiz will be added to your Library and will be ready to use right away.

Import via Excel File

  • Navigate to Quizzes > Add Quiz > Import Quiz

  • Download the provided Excel template.

  • Fill in the quiz details in the template, including question type, questions, answer choices, and correct answers.

  • Save the completed sheet.

  • Upload the Excel file via Import Quiz

The downloaded template will look as below:

You can enter the questions for your quiz to upload to Socrative.

  1. First, enter the name of the quiz.

  2. In the Question Type column, use the drop-down to select if the question is either “Open-ended” or “Multiple choice”.

  3. Enter your question in the question column.

  4. If you selected a multiple-choice question, you can enter the answer choices in the answer columns. You can import up to 5 different multiple-choice answers for a question.

  5. In the final five columns, indicate one or more answers as correct. Keep in mind, students must select all the correct answers in order to get a question correct

If you get an error during the import, Socrative will indicate if there was an issue with a particular row so that you can fix the error and re-import the file.


  • Only quizzes up to 100 questions can be imported via the template. For quizzes over 100 questions, we recommend splitting them into two imports and merging the quizzes together once imported.

  • Free users can have up to 5 quizzes in their quiz list at one time. Upgrade your account to store more quizzes in your account at a time!

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