You can import a copy of another user's shared Socrative quiz. This can be helpful to quickly get setup with launching a quiz for your class or if your colleague/school has created a standardized quiz according to a curriculum. 

While logged into the app, click on Quizzes:

Choose Import and a new menu will open:

From Another Teacher

Enter the “SOC” number of the shared quiz you want to import, then click on Import Quiz. If you're not sure what the SOC-code is from your colleague, check out this guide to learn more. The imported quiz will then be added to your Quizzes list and will be available and ready to use.

From Excel (xls)

Choose Download Template to save a template excel sheet to customize and import to Socrative. You'll be prompted to:

  1. Enter the name of the quiz.
  2. In the Question Type, select either “Open-ended” or “Multiple choice”; if you're typing this manually, please keep in mind that these are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown in order to be recognized by Socrative.
  3. Enter your question in the associated field.
  4. If you selected a multiple choice question, provide your answers in Answer columns A-E.
  5. In the final five columns, indicate one or more correct answers (e.g. A, C, E); if the question is open-ended, these are optional and may be left blank. Keep in mind, students must select all the correct answers in order to be scored correct.

Save the sheet and from the Import Quiz menu, Choose File and the quiz will be imported. If there are any errors, a message will show which rows/columns will need to be adjusted to successfully run the import. 

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