Merge Quizzes

Combine 2 quizzes to create a new quiz.

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Quizzes in your Personal Library can be merged together to make a new quiz, combining the questions and answers of both quizzes. You can select a new title for this merged quiz and the original quizzes will remain available in your library.

Note: Quizzes in a Shared Library will need to be moved to your Personal Library before merging them. Quizzes within folders will also need to be moved so that each quiz is within the same folder level of your Personal Library.

To merge two quizzes together:

  • Click on your Library

  • Select your Personal Library

  • Select the two desired quizzes by clicking the circles to the left of their titles

  • Click the Merge icon that appears when the quizzes are selected

In the confirmation window that appears:

  • Choose a title for your new merged quiz

  • Select which quiz questions should come first in the merged quiz

  • Click Merge to finish

The newly merged quiz will be created in your personal library, and the original quizzes will remain in your personal library as well. You can decide if you'd like to keep these quizzes or Delete them.

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