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Generate reports for your completed quizzes

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After finishing a quizzing activity you'll be able to generate reports. Reports are available for any quizzes you launch, space races, exit tickets, or Quick Question-Short Answer activities. Whether you're closing your current activity or would like to get reports on an old activity, the steps are similar. Follow this guide to learn how to generate reports and the types of reports available.

Generating Reports

To generate reports from your current activity, go to the Results tab:

Click the Finish Activity button and the reports menu will be displayed.

For previously completed quizzes, click to the Reports tab to find the corresponding reports. You can then click on the quiz you'd like to download reports for. Look for the Export Results button in the top-right corner of your screen.

The following menu will appear:

Select which type of report you'd like by choosing from the left sidebar. You can also choose how you'd like to export these whether through email, downloading to your device, or saving to your Google Drive. You can also email the reports directly to your students. Learn more here.

With a free Socrative Subscription, reports are stored in your account for 30 days following the completion date of the quiz. To access reports older than 30 days, upgrade your account at anytime. Reports can be downloaded to your device at anytime with an upgraded account.

Report Types

1. Complete Results Excel

The Complete Results Excel report shows a detailed view of the entire quiz, including:

  • Each student's graded responses.

  • Each student's total score.

  • Each student's number of correct answers.

  • Whole class total score.

  • Average number of correct answers for the whole class.

  • Percent correct on each question for the whole class.

  • A single .XLSX file will be generated with each student's results included.

The option to Include multiple-choice answer content is ON by default and will show the answer content rather than the letter options alone (eg.) A, B, C. etc.) Toggling this off requires the paid version of Socrative.

2. Individual Student PDFs

Individual student reports provide PDFs for each student's quiz, including:

  • The student's percent score

  • Each question

  • Each student response

  • Check marks and X's to indicate a correct and incorrect response

Use this report to distribute quiz results to students so they can review and reflect on their learning! A .ZIP file containing each student's PDF quiz will be generated. 

You can choose to include explanations and/or correct answers with a paid Socrative subscription.

3. Results Summary PDF

Question-specific PDF reports provide the full quiz and question data, including:

  • The question with the most correct answers

  • The question with the fewest correct answers

  • The proportion of students who got each question correct

  • The full-text responses of each student for short answer question

  • A single PDF of the quiz will be generated

You can choose to include explanations with a Paid Socrative Subscription.

4. Answer Key PDF

Answer key PDF reports can be downloaded as a paper copy of the answers. A single PDF will be generated which contains the correct answers to each question.

You can choose to include explanations with a paid Socrative subscription.


  • In order to email a report to a student, their email address must be entered in the roster before launching the quiz.

  • Reports can take some time to download depending on your roster size.

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