After finishing an activity, you'll be able to generate reports. Reports are available for any quizzes you launch, space races, exit tickets, or Quick Question-Short Answer activities. Whether you're closing your current activity or would like to get reports on an old activity, the steps are similar.

To generate reports from your current activity, go to the Results tab:

Click the Finish button and the reports menu will be displayed. Alternatively, you can go to the Reports tab to get reports from activities that are already completed:

Click the quiz that you'd like to download reports for. Look for the Reports button on the top-right corner:

Click on the Reports button and the menu to download reports will appear:

Select which type of report you'd like by using the toggle for each format (green means on and grey means off). You can also choose how you'd like to export these whether through email, downloading to your device, or saving to your Google Drive. You can also send the reports directly to your students. Learn more here.

When gathering reports, you can choose one (or more) of the following report type options:

Whole Class Excel

These reports can give you an overview of the entire quiz. Use this report type to find the information you need quickly! A single .XLSX file will be generated. 

Individual Student(s) PDF

PDF copies of individual student quizzes will be generated and show which questions they got correct/incorrect. Use this to distribute quizzes to students so they can review and reflect on their learning! A .ZIP file containing each student's PDF quiz will be generated. 

Question-Specific PDF

Question data will be available for teachers in this report type. The entire quiz PDF will be generated and it includes information on how many students selected a response and how many were correct/incorrect. A single PDF of the quiz will be generated and includes the responses for each question. 

Once you have your selection, you can choose to have them emailed to you, downloaded to your device, or sent to your Google Drive (only available if you sign in with Google). When generating individual student PDFs, please be patient as it can take some time depending on your roster size.

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