Exit tickets are an effective way to gather end-of-class feedback, giving students an opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned and for teachers to be sure that all teaching objectives were met. They can be used to adjust homework assignments or clarify any points discussed in class. Keep in mind, exit tickets are not customizable. If you're looking for specific feedback, you can create a quiz and format it similarly to an exit ticket.

To start, click on Launch, then click Exit Ticket:

Socrative's default Exit Ticket presents students with the following three questions:

  1. How well did you understand today's material? (Reports will default response A as correct, so if students choose a different response, it'll be marked as incorrect)
  2. What did you learn in today's class?
  3. Please answer the teacher’s question. (This prompts the student to answer the teacher's question which can be written on the board, projected on a screen, or verbally said out loud in class)

As students submit their responses, the results will be shown in your Results tab:

Once done, click Finish to gather reports or go back to the Launch page. 

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