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Launch a Quiz

Launch your quiz to share it with students

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Launching a quiz in your teacher account is how you share your quiz with students. Once students connect to your room, they will see a message that says "Waiting for next activity to begin". Once you launch a quiz, it will automatically be shared with students so they can start working on it. 

How to Launch a Quiz

To launch a quiz, go to the Launch tab, and click on Quiz:

Select the Library where your quiz is located:

  • Quizzes you create are saved to your Personal Library by default.

  • Your Shared Libraries will also appear on this list.

Select the Quiz you want to launch:

  • Use the search field at the top of this menu to quickly find your quiz by name.

Next, choose your Delivery Methods and Settings:

Delivery Methods & Settings

  • Clicking Launch will confirm these settings and make the quiz available to your students.

Delivery Methods:

  • Instant Feedback—Students receive immediate right/wrong feedback and explanations (if applicable) after every question. Students answer questions in order and skip questions or change their answers. You can monitor their progress from the Live Results table.

  • Open Navigation—Students have the ability to skip questions, edit their answers, and navigate the back and forth through the quiz at their own pace. Once they've finished, they can submit the entire quiz. You can monitor their progress from the Live Results table.

  • Teacher Paced—You control the flow of questions; send one question at a time and observe responses as they happen. You can also skip and revisit questions.

Additional Settings:

  • Require Names - keep students accountable and track them easily or turn this off to deliver an anonymous quiz

  • Shuffle Questions - change the order of questions to prevent cheating among students

  • Shuffle Answers - change the order of answers for each question to prevent cheating among students

  • Show Question Feedback - students will know if they got a question correct/incorrect after submitting their response

  • Show Final Score - students will know their final score at the end of the quiz

  • One Attempt - students will only get one attempt; if they log out and log back in, they'll continue where they left off

When you are ready, click Launch, and students in your Socrative Room will receive the quiz automatically.

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