You can watch the results of a quiz live in the Results tab. This allows you to monitor student progress, and see how students are doing while they take a quiz.

This is also where you can end a quiz that is in progress. Click Finish in the top right to end the quiz, and students will no longer have access to the quiz.

A couple of quick things to note about the Results page:

Show Names/Answers

Use these toggles to show/hide students' names/answers (green means on and grey means off). This way, you can keep students and/or responses anonymous if you're projecting the results page in-class, for example. 


This column will show if a student is currently connected to your room. A dash means they're not connected. The green dot means they're connected.


Click this column to sort names according to their last name for easy reference. Click the column header to change the sort order.


You can track student progress in percentage based on how many questions they've responded to. Click on this column for more options; student scores based on correct answers or in percent they got correct.

Question Numbers

These are shown along the top and are colour-coded. Yellow is multiple choice, orange is short answer, and purple is True/False questions. 

Student Responses

These are shown and will indicate in green/red if students are correct/incorrect. 

Class Total

This row will indicate how many students got the question correct. 


Click this button to end the current activity and from here you can generate reports

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