Step-by-Step: How to Start a Quiz

Click on Launch, then click Quiz.

Select the quiz you want to run.

Select how you want to run your quiz:

  • Instant Feedback—Students receive immediate right/wrong feedback and explanations (if applicable) after every question. Students answer questions in order and cannot skip or change their answers. You can monitor their progress from the Live Results table.
  • Open Navigation—Students have the ability to skip questions, edit their answers, and navigate the quiz at their own pace. Once they've finished, they can submit the entire assessment. You can monitor their progress from the Live Results table.
  • Teacher Paced—You control the flow of questions; send one question at a time and observe responses as they happen. You can also skip and revisit questions.

You may choose (optional) Additional Settings using the toggle switches.

Click Start and your students will see the first question; you will see the Live Results screen.

When you are done with the activity, click Finish; your students can then Log Out or await another question.

As you finish, you will be asked if you would like to Get Reports for the current activity, click View Chart to see student results in a Live Results format, or return To Launch.

If you choose to Get Reports, you'll be presented with additional report options. Select the desired report type and then decide how you would like to receive your reports (e.g. Email, Download, or Google Drive).

Note: Don't worry if you close this modal, your reports will still be available from Socrative's Reports section.

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