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Upgrading your Account

Purchase Pro to take quizzing and assessment to the next level

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Upgrading to a Paid Plan

You can upgrade your account to one of our paid plans easily! You can also choose to trial either the Essentials or Pro plans for 21 days before you purchase. If you have a promotional code, it can be entered when you enter your credit card information.

To upgrade your account, after logging in to Socrative through the Socrative Website or app, click 'Get Pro'. There, you will see more information about the plans offered and what is included.

Alternatively, you can click your Initial in the top right-hand corner In the Account header, and click Profile from the dropdown menu. There you will see an option to upgrade your plan:

Once you go through with upgrading, you can enter your payment information (credit card only) and click Purchase. Your receipt will be auto-emailed to the email address you use to login to Socrative.

Your account will then be automatically upgraded.

Applying a License key to your Account

If so, navigate to 'Get Pro' to be brought to the Choose your plans page. Once there, you will see the option to 'Enter License Key.' Once you enter your key, you will immediately update your account to Pro!

If you're buying for 5 or more teachers, use the Contact Sales link to be eligible for bulk discounts. Or, click here to the sales contact form and the Sales team will be in touch!

By default, subscription plans will renew automatically in 1 year or 1 month depending on the plan subscribed. Please be aware, that you will receive renewal reminders 7 day(s) prior to your renewal date. If you use a coupon code, your plan will automatically renew at the original price on your renewal date. It will not be the same price if you had used a coupon code.

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