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This guide can help you with signing up through the web app or the iOS app. The process is the same for both so no need to worry too much about which platform you're using! 

How to Sign Up as a Teacher

Go to and click on the Sign up for free or Login buttons: 

The Sign up for free button will take you to the plans page which outlines the features and pricing for each version of the app. The Login button will show the menu to log in or sign up for an account. On the iOS app, you can tap on Create Account to start creating your account:

Left: Web app. Right: iOS app.

  1. Enter your profile information

  2. Fill in your demographic information

  3. Select the role that is most closely aligned to your role. Then, you can enter your phone number if you would like.

    1. Note: The phone number will be for contacting you about your account, or for learning opportunities. Your phone number will not be displayed or publicly posted, nor will it be shared with any third parties. If you prefer, you can skip this step.

  4. Select Socrative FREE to finish signing up:

You can select Socrative Pro if you'd like to purchase Pro. You can choose how many seats and years you'd like to purchase and the total will be shown. You can apply a seat to your account now or save it for later.

  • Enter how many seats and for how many years you'd like to purchase and then click Review and Pay

  • Enter your payment information and Purchase when done

Once purchased, you'll receive an email receipt to the email you entered when creating your account. The license key will also be included in the receipt so you can apply it to your account or share it with your colleagues for them to redeem. 

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