Align a Quiz to a Standard

Add or remove a standard according to a specific curriculum

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Whether you're creating a new quiz or editing an existing one, you can add or remove a standard. 

Adding a Standard to a Quiz

To add a standard to a quiz, click on Library and find the quiz you need:

While the quiz is open, click the toggle to Align Quiz to Standard:

Once you check the box, more options will appear and a dropdown menu for each will be available. Choose:

  • Subject

  • Core

  • Grade

  • Standard

Select Save to apply the standard to the quiz. Note: you can only apply one standard to a quiz.

Change/Delete a Standard from a Quiz

You can change or delete a standard while editing a quiz:

  • Click the Pencil Icon to use a different standard for the quiz.

  • Click the Trash Icon to remove the standard from the quiz.

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