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Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data Under GDPR
Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data Under GDPR

How to review, revise, or delete your personal data stored in Socrative

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You have the following rights when it comes to your personal data:

  •  You may request a copy of the personal data Socrative has about you

  • You may edit or delete any of the non-required information from your personal data through the profile page in your Account on our Site or App

  • You may delete your entire Account by following these instructions

You may opt out of marketing communications by following the opt-out instructions contained in the emails we send. 

Additionally, you can stop all collection of information by the App by uninstalling the App. You may use the standard uninstall processes as may be available as part of your mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace or network.

If you are a teacher with active Socrative rooms, note that all account content (quizzes, reports, rosters) will be permanently deleted upon deletion of your account, and unable to be retrieved.

If you wish to delete Socrative accounts belonging to other users, or request to review or revise personal data that Socrative has on file, we require some information from you. You can initiate this process and provide us the necessary information by clicking the button below:

To initiate this process, you have the option of contacting Socrative (the data processor) via the above button or your educational institution (the data controller). Once your request has been verified, all third party sub processors will be informed as well as all school Administrators and teachers associated with the account, if any.

Read more about the GDPR’s right to erasure (also known as the ‘right to be forgotten’) here.

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