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★ Manual Grading and Partial Marks

Use manual grading to mark short answer questions

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The manual grading feature is a Paid Socrative feature that allows teachers to manually grade short answer questions after a quiz has ended.

Teachers can manually grade questions right in the results table after finishing a quiz. To do this, select the response you would like to grade:

After you select a response to grade, a menu will pop up:

From this menu you can mark the answer as correct by selecting the checkmark, or incorrect by selecting the X.

With the weighted questions feature, you can also assign partial marks by selecting the / icon and entering the point value you would like to give for this response. Then, you will click Done to save your selection. Within this menu you can also...

  • Undo manual grading by selecting "Undo"

  • Use the up and down arrows to move to the next student's response for efficient grading

Responses that have been manually graded will appear with the top right corner folded over. If a response receives partial marks, the cell will appear yellow in the results table:

When a response is given partial marks, the points allocated will also be reflected in the Complete Results Excel report.

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