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Welcome to Socrative!
Welcome to Socrative!

A quick start guide to get you quizzing, fast

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Welcome to Socrative

We’re excited to be your assessment partner, helping you effortlessly engage and assess your students, and visualize learning progress in real-time with instant results.

With Socrative, getting every learner to their “A-Ha!” moment is fast and easy.

Here’s how to get started in 5 simple and easy steps!

1. Add quizzes:

Create your own quizzes by:

  1. using our simple quiz builder tools

  2. import pre-prepared quiz content

  3. Access shared quiz resources from fellow educators.

    The “Library” is where you can build your own library of quizzes or a question bank, and collaborate with others using shared quizzes.

Hint: check out the sample “World Facts Quiz” to explore our quiz options!

*With Socrative Pro, you can organize your library with folders and access a Shared Library as shown below.

2. Add your students:

CreateRooms” for your class, subjects, terms, or study groups as seen below. Easily invite students to a Room using QR codes or have students simply enter the Room Name at No student accounts or setup are required!

*With Socrative Pro you can import class rosters directly into a room.

3. Launch your quiz:

Select the preferred activity you want from the “Launch” tab. Choose from a prepared quiz, a timed space race, an exit ticket, or a quick question. In just a few clicks, you can tailor quiz delivery and settings to suit your assessment needs and assign it directly to your students.

*With Socrative Pro, you can run multiple quizzes at once, in multiple Rooms.

4. Get instant feedback:

This is the real magic ✨ of Socrative. With your quiz underway, sit back and enjoy automatic grading. Use the “Results” tab to view quiz results in real-time and gauge student understanding of the concepts you’re teaching.

5. Share progress instantly:

Explore the “Reports” tab once your Socrative quiz is complete and share better feedback faster. Dive into a detailed analysis of results, assess student progress over time, and download quiz reports.

*With Socrative Pro, you can customize reports and email quiz results to students.

Just like that, you’re ready to take formative and summative assessments even further!

If you need any assistance, please contact us here at Socrative Support by messaging or clicking the chat widget in the right hand corner of your screen.

Prefer to learn on your own? Check out our free training ebook: Socrative in Action.

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