★ Add a Roster Manually

Add a student roster to make your room private

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Adding a Roster to your room, ensure that only specific students can take a quiz. Students will enter the Room Name, then will need to enter their unique student ID number to join the room.

You can either add a roster manually or Import your Roster.

Manually Add your Roster

To add a roster manually, first, click on the Rooms tab. Next, find the room you'd like to create a roster for and click on the Roster icon to the right:

Then select Manual (Type In) option. A new box will pop up:

  • Enter how many students you'd like to add and click Create Form

  • Enter the students' last name, first name, and student ID. The student ID will be what the student will need to type in to enter the room.

  • Click Save

View Roster

To view the roster for the room you are in, click on the class roster icon at the top right corner of the app.

Activity Running Message

Keep in mind you can only add or edit your roster when there aren't any activities running in the room. If you have an activity running, you will see this error message:

To add/edit your roster, finish an activity by going to the Results tab in your account and click the Finish button. Check out this guide to see step by step how to end an activity

Now that you've set up the roster, you can start an activity and students can join. Learn how students log in to a rostered room.

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