Adding a roster makes rooms more secure and ensures only the correct students are connected. When creating a roster, teachers can enter a unique student ID. This can be shared with students so they can connect to the room. 

To start, click on the Rooms tab:

In the rooms list, find the room you'd like to create a roster for and click on the Roster icon and select Manual (Type In) option. A new window will appear:

  • Enter how many students you'd like to add and click Create Form
  • Enter the students' last name, first name, and student ID (you can Remove or Add Another here as well)
  • Click Save

To find your roster and student IDs again, you can click on the class roster icon at the top right corner of the app:

For all the details on rosters, check out this guide

Activity Running

Whether you're trying to add or edit a roster, if you have an activity running in the room, you won't be able to add/edit a roster. You'll see the error message below:

To finish an activity, go to the Results tab in your account and click the Finish button. Check out this guide to help you on how to end an activity

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