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Create a custom quiz right within Socrative
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To create a new quiz in Socrative, go to your Library in the top menu, then click Add on the right and select New Quiz.

You can then enter a name for the quiz, and start adding questions.

Note: You can have up to 5 quizzes in your quiz list at one time. Upgrade to Pro for unlimited quiz creation!

Quiz Creation Basics

In questions, you can do basic text styling and add pictures. You can also Insert Math Equations, add pictures into multiple choice answers, and insert embeddable links.

To the right of a question, you can:

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit it

  • The Trash Can to delete it

  • The Up and Down Arrows to move it within the quiz

  • And the Copy Button to copy the question within the quiz.

To add a question between two questions, hover your cursor between the two questions and click Add Question.


You can also add explanations to questions. Explanations will show to students after they submit their answer during the quiz, if you turn on Show Quiz Feedback turned on in the Quiz Settings when you Start the Quiz.

Multiple Choice

In multiple choice questions, you can add a variety of answers for students to choose from. You must have at least 2 answers.

You can choose which answers are correct. If you have 2 or more answers selected as correct, students will need to select all the correct answers to get the question correct.

You can also add pictures and embeddable links into multiple choice answers.


For true/false questions, you can enter a statement that students can either select as True or False.

Short Answer

For short answer questions, students are able to type in their answer to the question.

To get the question marked correct, students must enter their answer exactly as you set them (spelling matters).

Once you've finished creating your quiz, click Save and Exit at the top. You can then Launch the Quiz for your students to take it.

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