How to Create a New Quiz

  1. Click on Quizzes.
  2. Next, click on Add Quiz and select Create New.

Provide a name for your new quiz.

Select the appropriate Question Type button to add a question to the quiz (e.g. Multiple Choice, True / False, or Short Answer).

Type in your question and answer choices (when applicable). If you want the question to be graded, do the following for these question types:

Multiple Choice—Check the box to the right of the correct answer(s).Note: You may choose multiple correct answers. Students will have to select all the right answers in order to get the question correct.

True/False—Select the correct answer (i.e. True or False).

Short Answer—Type in the correct answer(s).

Note: Short Answer questions are only graded if one (or more) answers have been provided for the question. In order to get the question correct, students must type EXACTLY what you entered (this is not case sensitive).

When you’re finished, click Save & Exit. You can always go back and edit your quiz later.
Note: You can also add a Common Core tag to your quiz, add an explanation of the correct answer to a question, or add an image to a question.

Note: You can also use quizzes from our Socrative Shared Quiz List. Click here to learn how!

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