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Update your password to something more memorable and secure

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This article goes over how to change your password in your Socrative account. If you forgot your password and need a new password to login, you can Reset your Password Here.

How to change your password

1. Click on your initial in the top right corner and go to Profile

2. Click Change Password and a new section will expand to change your password.

Note: If you do not see a "Change Password" link then you likely registered in Socrative using Single Sign-on (Google). You will need to change your password with Google.

If you need to set a Socrative Password (for example to work with Showbie Integration). You can create a new Socrative password by clicking the "Reset password" link on the Login Screen. 

3. Enter your old password and your new password.

Click save once done and your new password will be set! 

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