Edit Your Profile

Change your name, email, phone number, or password

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How to edit your Profile

After logging in to Socrative, click on your initial in the top right corner and click Profile

In the Profile header, you'll be able to change your name, email, phone number, or your password.

The phone number will be for contacting you about your account, or for learning opportunities. Your phone number will not be displayed or publicly posted, nor will it be shared with any third parties. If you prefer, you can leave the phone number section blank.

After making your changes, click Save

If you do not see "Change Password"

If you do not see a Change Password link then you likely registered in Socrative using Single Sign ON (SSO) ex. Google. If so, you will need to change your password with Google.

If you need to set a Socrative Password (for example to work with Showbie Integration). You can create a new Socrative password by clicking the "Reset password" link on the Login Screen. 

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