When creating/editing quizzes, there are a couple things you can do for each question. For example, editing a multiple choice question would look like this (the options are similar for True/False and Short Answer questions):

Starting from the top left corner, the options available are:


You can add an image using this button. If you already have an image, you'll be able to remove it using the Trash icon. Images can only be added to the question; images cannot be added to answers (please fill out this feature request form if you'd like). 

Left: Add image icon. Right: Removing an image using the Trash icon.


Enter the question here; questions can have up to 65, 000 characters. If you have an image attached, the question will appear to the right of the image. 


Toggle this on to format the text in questions, answer choices, and explanations. You'll be able to bold, italicize, or underline text. Superscripts and subscripts are also available. 


For when you're satisfied with the question! 

Sidebar buttons

You can delete the question using the Trash icon, move the question up/down using the arrows, or make a copy of the question using the bottom icon. 

Answer Choices

Enter as many choices as you'd like using the Add Answer button; answers can have up to 10, 000 characters. The X button on the right side is available if you'd like to remove an answer choice.


Check these boxes to choose the correct response. You can have as many correct responses. For students to get the question correct, they need to select all the correct responses. 


Your explanation will appear at the bottom of the Instant Feedback dialog after a student answers the question, regardless if they got it right or wrong. If the quiz is being delivered in Open Navigation mode—or if you have Show Question Feedback disabled—students will not see the explanation. 

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